Granny’s Mutch

The Dictionary of the Scots Language defines a mutch as “A head-dress, especially a close-fitting day cap of white linen or muslin, specifically such as used to be worn by married women”.

Mutches have been part of a women’s head-dress for a very long time and evidence from informants as far afield as Ulster to Banffshire show that mutch was applied as much to the wearer as to the article of clothing itself as granny mutch became a nickname for any older women.

Grannies Mutch in Colzium is located in a sheltered position at the top of Colzium Glen and was built as a shelter and rest spot. The weight and the precision of the masonry of this small semi-domed structure are remarkable.

There is limited information about the Grannies Mutch and if you can add more information to the above then the Kilsyth Community Council would be delighted to hear from you.