Colzium Glen

The Glen is located to the east of Colzium House and is the result of the Colzium Burn eroding the original land surface long before any human intervention took place in this part of the country.  The burn has eroded the surface soil and cut its way through the geological layers of stone shaped or deposited as part of the formation of the adjacent hills.

The Colzium Burn has its source high up in the Kilsyth Hills and it traverses the slopes down the south slope of the hills until it reaches the most northerly part of Lennox Golf Club.  It traverses through the corner of the golf club toward the west edge of Tak-Ma-Doon Road flowing down hill till it reaches the highest part of the Colzium Lennox Estate where it has been culverted under the road and into the estate.

Because of the steep gradient from the point that it enters the estate it has eroded the surface soil and deep into the layers of rock forming a deep slash in the landscape.  Many trees and undergrowth have established themselves naturally in the part of the estate but over the generation of estate management some trees have been purposely planted.  The burn has exposed the different layers of rock formations resulting in many waterfalls and vistas that walker can enjoy.

The Colzium Burn continues down through the estate, under the bridge on the main drive, under the canal feeder (The Lade) and out of the estate and into the system of burns within Kilsyth.

Colzium Glen has a series of footpaths up both east and west sides.  These path give you access to Colzium Ice House, Grannies Mutch, Tak-Ma-Doon Road and adjacent to the east access path a pet’s cemetery now out of use.