Banton Loch Path

This path starts along a rough road adjacent to the main access drive bridge over The Lade in Colzium Lennox Estate for approximately 0.2 kilometres then crosses a footbridge over the Forth and Clyde Canal exit feeder burn.  It continues to follow the south bank of Banton Loch (other names The Reservoir or the Big Dam) in an easterly direction and exits onto Banton Road 0.5 kilometres from the village of Banton.  The Ordnance Survey 6-inch first edition map which was surveyed in 1859 shows the line of the path as it is today.

This path is said to have been used by millworkers living in Kilsyth and working in Banton Mill.  As such it must have been very busy with many people walking it twice every day.

When using this path and walking along the south shore of Banton Loch one should remember that before the Reservoir was constructed the site was the battle of Kilsyth which took place in 1645 and many men died during this battle both in the are that now occupies Banton Loch and on the slopes that surround the loch.  The slopes along the north side of Banton Loch are known as ‘Slaughter Howe’ and the area to the north west of the loch is known as ‘Baggage Knowe’ there are other areas called ’Drum Burn and Bullet Knowes’