An Arboretum is a place where an extensive collection of trees and other woody plants are grown for scientific, educational and ornamental purposes.  The Arboretum at Colzium Lennox Estate is bounded by Stirling Road (A803) on the south side, the main drive into Colzium on the east side, Cavalry Park housing estate on the west and Colzium curling pond on the north. 

The plants within the arboretum area have been planted over the lifetime of the Colzium Lennox Estate by the various owners, land managers and more recently the local authorities.  The arboretum form a very pleasant frontage to the estate and screens Colzium House from the busy A803 road.

The arboretum is criss-crossed with a series of footpaths bring visitors closer to the collection of trees and other plants.  Plants such as Acers (maples), Prunus (cherries) various types of pines and spruce, Sorbus (rowans) with shrubs such as rhododendrons, cotoneaster and various types of spring bulbs.  All these plants give the arboretum and the estate all the year- round horticultural interest.  Many of the plants are labelled for the visitor’s clarification.

There is much still to record in the arboretum and throughout the estate and we will add lists of plants as they are identified.