perkinton_carronbridge017The Clanranald Trust are building a replica of a mediaeval Motte ( meaning large mound) and Bailey Fort in the Carron Valley. The site is east of the Carron Valley Reservoir off the B818 Denny to Fintry Road. It is set to become a major tourist and educational facility giving an authentic representation of life in the 12th century.

From Kilsyth a scenic route (entailing the negotiation of some bends and inclines) will enable the enjoyment of some remarkably distant views. From the A803 at Kilsyth, take the Tak-ma-doon Road which leads to Carron Bridge. Stop at the summit of the Tak-ma-doon where there is a car park, picnic area and viewing point.

Goatfell on Arran can be seen when looking to the West; the Forth Bridge when looking to the East, to the South you can see Tinto Hill and to the North, the Mountains of the Trossachs.