Former Police Station

The Community Council lodged objections to an application by developers to construct a retail complex on the site of the former Police Station at Parkfoot St. The expectation of the developers was that the leases would be taken by Tesco, Greggs and Iceland.

At a Hearing in Motherwell Civic Centre on 21st February 2013, the Community Council put forward their case for objection and were backed by NLC Councillors, resulting in the application being turned down.

Subsequently an appeal to the Scottish Government to overturn the decision  was made by Ashleigh (Kilsyth). The appeal was dismissed and planning permission refused (on 5th August 2013) by the Reporter appointed by the Scottish Ministers.

The Community Council would like to make it clear that they would support applications from these retail companies or others to establish businesses in any of the several vacant retail properties within Main St, the established Town Centre.

Main Street

The Community Council along with local traders are exploring the possibility of suggesting a pilot scheme to open Main Street to one-way traffic.

Kilsyth Main Street has been a pedestrian precinct since the end of the 1980’s and is now in its second pedestrianisation scheme.

Recognising that the current streetscape is new and that there is no budget to engage in any major or costly works to the current arrangements,

the Community Council has been watching with interest the initial feedback coming from the UK’s first proper trial of a shared space

arrangement. This has been encouraging.

Shared space in Kilsyth Main Street would allow the current arrangement for pedestrians and cyclists to remain unchanged, but allow cars to

access the street and park outside the shops for a limited short stay. A one way system allowing vehicles in from the north is the preferred

option. Deliveries and delivery vehicles would be restricted to a specific off peak time i.e. before 10am.

The only requirements to make the proposal work would be a change to the Traffic Order and removal of a certain number of the stainless steel

bollards which outline the central vehicle route, to create more off route space.

This is a unique proposal to trial something that is a relatively new and unfamiliar concept in UK planning even although it is common throughout

Europe. Kilsyth Community Council is willing to work with NLC to effect a trial period.